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Our History

La Venta de Miyares - Asturias - Alojamiento rural - Hotel boutique - Casa de Indianos -

Welcome to La Venta de Miyares

La Venta de Miyares is an exciting and special project: the rehabilitation of a beautiful Indian house from 1898 located in eastern Asturias, to convert it into a unique rural accommodation, maintaining the essence of the great mansions of the late nineteenth century, but with the comforts demanded by the clients of the XXI. After two long years of construction and a global pandemic, on June 24, 2021, we open the doors of this amazing project come true.

Our illusion is to share this beautiful dream with you

We wait for you!

La Venta de Miyares - Piloña - Asturias - Casa de indianos - Hotel rural - Hotel con encanto -

The beginning of a dream

The first time we saw photos of La Venta de Miyares was on the internet. They were selling it through a well-known real estate portal.

We were amazed by the majestic stone facade, its huge kitchen...

La Venta de Miyares - Asturias - Casa de indianos - Hotel rural

The essence of La Venta de Miyares

To understand and feel the essence of La Venta de Miyares, we must first know who the Indians were and why they had their impressive houses built...
La Venta de Miyares - Asturias - Fernando Pintueles

Story of an Indian

Fernando Pintueles was a young man from Miyares, a small town located in eastern Asturias, in the Council of Piloña, who in the mid-19th century and with the approval of his parents, embarked for Puerto Rico in search of a better lif
La Casa Pintueles - Ciales - Puerto Rico - Fernando Pintueles - La Venta de Miyares - Casa de indianos

La Casa Pintueles I

When Fernando Pintueles took over the coffee exporting company from D. Manuel Fernández, the first thing he did was replace its original name with F. Pintueles & Cia, because his intention was to change and intensify the business of the company and give it his own imprint. ... *The Pintueles House in Ciales – Puerto Rico. (Photograph from 1931)

La Casa Pintueles II

When D. Fernando Pintueles planned to expand his business at the beginning of the 20th century, a key man for the future of La Casa Pintueles appeared: Elías Torre, another Asturian who was lucky enough to win a prize in the Santo Domingo lottery when he worked as a shop assistant in F. Pintueles & Cía and decided to invest his money in the company, immediately becoming a partner and later the son-in-law and successor of D. Fernando...
La Venta de Miyares - Asturias - Casa de indianos - Alojamiento rural

The saga continues

After the death of D. Fernando Pintueles and his wife Doña Ricarda Fernández in 1928, La Venta de Miyares remained in the hands of their children Fernando, Ramona (married to Elías Torre) and Luisa. The latter was the one who finally took over the property, since her two brothers died prematurely in 1934, leaving her as the sole heir...
La Venta de Miyares - Asturias - Ricardo Gullón -

A Prince of Asturias in Miyares

Ricardo Gullón was born in Astorga in 1908 and died in Madrid in February 1991. The son of a lawyer, he had no choice but to study law, although it was not what he really liked. His dream was to be a writer and from a very young age he fought to fulfill it. At the university he contacted intellectuals of the time, such as Ortega y Gasset, who invited him to participate in Revista de Occidente. In 1933, after passing the public prosecutor's exam, he founded the magazine Literature and married Luisa Palacio Pintueles, granddaughter of D. Fernando Pintueles, the Indian who had La Venta de Miyares built in 1898...